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Summer Camp 

Registration Dates for Day Camps, Activity & Playground Programs & Preschool Camp 2024








Please update your on-line account before camp registration begins. Full pay registration will be 100% online this year. Anyone registering a 5/6 year old that is currently in Kindergarten must supply a copy of the child’s birth certificate and the child’s report card to the recreation office within 24 hours of registering. The documents can be faxed (203)977-5504, emailed ( If we do not receive the camp registration form (each child) & documents with-in 24 hours, you will lose your spot in the camp and be refunded your payment! Finally, ifyour child has an IEP or 504 plan and you agree to supply us with copy after you register, we can better accommodate your child's needs. This will allow us to give them the best possible camp experience this summer. Also, please note we cannot control how fast camps will fill up online and once all of the spots have been filled a waiting list will be taken. Registration is on a first come first serve basis online and registration begins at 8:30AM!

Full Pay Registration for Day Camps, Playground & Activity Programs begin online only Monday March 11, 2024 at 8:30AM !

Heroy Day Camp – 110 spots available online
Davenport Day Camp – 95 spots available online
Star Center Day Camp – 70 spots available on-line
Roxbury Day Camp ( Formally Westover Day Camp) – 75 spots available online Newfield Activity Program – 95 Spots available online
Barrett Outdoor Adventure Program – 50 spots available online

Registration Information for Reduced Fee Camp Spots

If your child/children qualify for the Reduced Fee, you will be required to call the recreation office to reserve a time slot to reg- ister in person at the Recreation Office located on the 6th floor Government Center. The appointment does not secure a camp spot until you come in to register and make the payment. If you do not come in at your scheduled time and date, you must call to make another appointment. Registration appointments are on a first come first served basis! Parents that would normally qualify for the reduced fee will need to complete the Household Income Survey in your parent portal on the Board of Education website. This will replace the free & reduced letter and the eligibility letter you will receive determines if you qualify for the reduced fee.

Listed below are the required documents you must bring to register your child/children on your appointment date:

  1. Completed Registration Form for the camp site you are registering for. ( Camp forms on our website)

  2. If your child is ages 5/6 & currently in kindergarten, a copy of their birth certificate must be presented at registration.

  3. Copy ofthe Eligibility Letter for the reduced fee you received from the BOE that we will keep.

  4. PaymentofCash,CheckorCreditCard

  5. If your child has a 504 or an IEP Plan and you agree to supply us with a copy so we can better accommodate your child’s

    needs at camp.

  6. Copy of the child’s report card from the school they are attending for proof they are currently in kindergarten.

Please call 203-977-5214 beginning March 4, 2024 to make an appointment to register. Registration appointments start March 18, 2024 Monday - 9:00am to 3:00PM.

Available Reduced Fee Spots – Must make an appointment to register in person Heroy Day Camp – 20 spots available
Davenport Day Camp – 65 spots available
Star Center Day Camp – 60 spots available

Roxbury Day Camp ( formally Westover Day Camp) – 75 spots available
Newfield Activity Program – 65 Spots available
Barrett Outdoor Adventure Program – 40 spots available
Preschool Summer Camp at Roxbury – Registration by Appointment Only In Person
No on-line registration for this camp and a copy of the child’s Birth Certificate is required at registration! The Recreation Office is located in the Government Center. Ifyou are interested in registering you child for the preschool camp you will need to call the recreation office and set up a time and date to come in and register. Registration will begin the Monday, March 18, 2024 for this summer camp. Please call 203-977-5214 to set up an appointment to register for the Tiny Tots Camp.

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