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Looking for a permit? 

Make sure you have the right permit for your needs. 

  • Click park permitting for anything related to park usage 

  • Click Tournament and field if you are looking to use a park for a tournament or a game. 

Single use permit application (Non Sanctioned)

Tournament Application(Sanctioned/Non Sanctioned)

Sanctioned Organizations/Leagues permit application:

Event Permitting:


Field and Tournament Application must be filled out online(click one of the links below):

All local tournaments must be approved by the City’s Internal Events Committee.  Applications must be submitted at least two months prior to the tournament date. The Internal Committee meets the second Tuesday of the month.

New approved fees as of September 1, 2023:

Rental permit/Tournament Type Fee  

Field Rental(Adults)  $100 per game (max of 2 hours) 

Deposit for Adult Tournament fee  $150 non-refundable(applicable towards final fee due) 

Charity Tournament fee  $150 for 8 hours, additional hours $100 per two hours

For profit/corporate tournament $300 per day/one field, $150 per day/per field any additional fields. 

Lights  $75per day/one field, $50 per day for additional fields. 

Staff person to turn on/off lights  $125 per day 

Field maintenance  (A separate check much be made out to The City of Stamford for maintenance.)  $100/$180/$240
(2 maintenance workers, 2 hours min .for 1 fields, 4 hour min. for 2-3, 6 hour min. for 3 or more) 


Sports Pass for Adults & Youth $3.00 per pass


Youth Tournament Fee $50 for one day tournament  

Youth Little League Tournaments (4-12 years old) $50 for up to 7 days


Youth/Teen Tournaments  (13-19 years old) $100 for up to 7 days  

FINE for NO Sports Sticker PASS $90 

Youth Tournament Maint. Fee If additional field maint. is required maint. fee’s will be charged: $100(1 field) $180(2-3 fields) $240(4 plus fields)  




All tournament and permit applications must be filled out online, the links are listed above:

(Insurance and payment are not due at this time) If you should have any problems filling it out, email Meg Gearhart at

Applications will be accepted starting January 1. 

Frequently asked questions:

Tournaments are required to pay a tournament fee and any other fee’s associated (field maintenance, lights, staff, etc)

All tournaments must get insurance.  The applicant is liable for all damages and injuries to property and person that may occur or be caused by the use of this permit and/or caused by the applicant, its employees, members, volunteers, participants, officers, and agents in or about the permitted location.  By accepting the permit, the applicant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the City, its employees, members, officers, and agents against and from any and all claims arising from applicant’s use of the permit or from the conduct of the applicant’s business or from any activity, work or other things done, permitted or suffered by applicant, its employees, members, volunteers, participants, officers, and agents in or about the permitted location.*A Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Stamford, their employees, officers, agents and anyone affiliated with the Cityof Stamford as additional insured in the amount of $1 million ($1,000,000) in general liability insurance is required. For more information, please contact the Risk Manager at (203) 977-4083.

If food will be on site, a Health Dept permit must be obtained.

The applicant agrees to contact the Stamford Health Department if any food and/or beverage will be sold at the tournament/event. A signed permit from the Stamford Health Department will be required prior to receiving field permit. For more information, please contact the Stamford Health Department at (203) 977-5652.

The permit is revocable at any time at the discretion of the Recreation Services Division or Parks Department. Reasons may include, but are not limited to: providing false information on the permit, failure to adhere to the rules of the City of Stamford and failure to meet the conditions of the permit.

Inclement Weather: The rental fee will not be refunded due to inclement weather. You will have the option of rescheduling your event date but it is dependent upon site availability. To reschedule an event you must bring your original permit to the Recreation Department within five (5) business days of your original reservation date.

Please be sure to send in your application 90 days in advance of the requested date.


FIELD POLICY MANUAL 2023 updated October 2023

For more information or questions regarding permits, contact Megan Gearhart: or call (203) 977-5221.

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