Youth Sport Leagues contact information

Stamford Youth Foundation:
SY Football and Cheer
SY Lacrosse - Middle School
SY Wrestling - Ages 6-13
SY Volleyball - Middle School
SY Field Hockey - Middle School
SY Baseball - Middle School
SY Softball - Middle School
Stamford Wrestling
Stamford Youth Basketball 977-4641 x22
Youngtimers Girls Bball 968-8201
Stamford Youth Soccer 322-5455
Babe Ruth Girls Softball
Babe Ruth Boys Baseball
North Stamford LL  (North of Merritt Parkway)  329-3108
Springdale LL Majors 359-8777
Springdale LL Minors
Stamford American LL
(Vine Road/Belltown/Turn of River)
Federal/ LL (South of I-95) 323-7393
National Lione Little League(Scalzi Park/Westover area) 322-5619
Northrop Little League
Challenger Little League
(Physically and mentally challenged - no league boundaries)
Little LeagueGeneral Information 341-9646
Little League Boundaries
Stamford Youth Hockey
Stamford Sharks
Fairfield County CT Jewish Little League FCCJLL
Fairfield County Synchronized Skating Teams