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Policy on make up & re-scheduling games

1.  Inclement weather: 

  1. If a game is cancelled due to inclement weather or poor field conditions, the City of Stamford will put the missed game on the back end of the schedule.
  2. The Parks Department has the final say on field conditions, if the foreman deems the fields are not playable or after a storm that takes place during the day an cannot get the fields ready in time.
  3. Some fields hold up better to weather than others, there will be instances when games on certain fields are played and games might be cancelled on others. 
  4. In extreme situations, if there are several rainouts one any given night, we may play on alternate nights or it's possible we may not make up all games. 
  5. We do our best to ensure we complete the schedule.

2.  Team cannot make assigned game

At the managers meeting, teams are asked to notify the office of any dates for which there team will be unable to play due to a company function, a person on the team getting married...etc. 

Any schedule requests must be submitted to the Recreation office by March 19th, 2014.  After that date, we cannot guarantee any requests

Why we won't guarantee changes after that date:

  1. Changing a game not only effects your team, but your opponent and at least two other teams.
  2. We get calls because one or two players cannot make a game, or the manager will not be there. You have the ability to place a good number of people on your roster so finding subs should not be an issue.
  3. We cannot force teams to switch game times.  When a team requests a time/date change, it affects 3 other teams.    
  4. The process is so time consuming, since we don't force teams, we contact each team and ask them if they can switch and to check with all 10-15 people on their team.  They will then get back to us one way or the other and we need to notify all 4 teams. 

Please understand that we will make every effort to assist you, but remember your team is not the only team in the league, there are many more. We cannot be singular in our view/planning.  Every team and league is on equal footing, the same rules apply to everyone.

If your team can't make an assigned game time, your team will simply just have to take a loss.  If you notify us the day prior, you will not be responsible for forfeit fees. 

Please use all means of communication. If you must forfeit a game, call and email us. (Matt and/or Meg) Our emails are listed on the website.  Also, make sure that you get a response from us, do not assume we received your notification. 

If you call the hotline and/or check the website and there is no message posted stating that the days games are cancelled, your team is to report to the field for your game.  Officials at the field will make the call on games in this instance.  If your team does not show and games were not cancelled by the Recreation office, you will take a forfeit and be responsible for the forfeit fee.

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