May Laber


May Laber was a woman that lived her life to the fullest each day.  She loved many things but her relationship with her family and friends is what made May such a special person.  She adored her grandchildren and family and spent many hours with friends.  There was a crossover from her private life and professional life in that many of the people she met at work at the Day Camps, Adult Sport Leagues and Youth Leagues she supervised became her friends.  There was hardly a day that went by when someone did not stop by our office telling a funny story about May and their relationship with her. 

May loved the Stamford Volleyball League.  She had been the League Director for over 20 years at the time of her passing.  She spend numerous hours contacting teams and ensuring that it was the best experience possible for the players in the league.  It is only fitting to name the league in her honor.  Beginning in the Fall 2006, the league name has officially been named the May Laber Volleyball League.  We miss her dearly and only hope to continue to run the league to her high standards and live up to the May Laber name.